Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lucretia, the Last

"We are to use our reason in the examination of everything; it is our duty to do this; even in the matter of faith and of worship, we are to look at and reason on these things properly. It was the complaint formerly: 'My people do not consider,' and they were said to be worse than the stupid ox: 'The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib, but Israel doth not know, my people do not consider.' We need to reason and to consider, and to have all our faculties called into action, and not to take upon trust that which we hear, even from the pulpits or galleries. That which is the production of one generation, and adapted to their wants, may not be needed or suited to another. We must look for truth and love it, for it is from the eternal source of light; let truth ever be our guide, and let us remember that 'God is ever the teacher of his people Himself.'

Let us ever be willing to treat one another kindly, though we may differ from each other; and though we may not be prepared to receive some ideas which may be presented, let us always endeavor to strengthen one another to do that which is regarded as right. The ability is often far beyond ourselves. Surely that which has been effected in our country in regard to slavery has been so much higher than the most ardent abolitionist has hoped for, that there is enough to encourage all those who went forth weeping, scattering the seeds of truth, justice, and mercy before the people. When there is a proper reverence for truth, we shall see that there is enough to inspire a spirit of praise and gratitude, even though it may not be on the bended knee in the assemblies of the people, but in the closet, as Jesus wisely recommended in his day." (On the occasion of her 76th birthday, 1869)